All visitors must check in at the Lake Office upon arrival.

Visitors making an online camping reservation agree to the terms and conditions in our Full Release at the time of payment. Day Use visitors can save time at the Lake Office by printing and signing the Full Release in advance then bringing it to the Lake Office.

Please note that all children under the age of 18 cannot be admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


8:00AM – 9:00PM

(Hours may fluctuate during winter months.)


All campsites must be reserved online. We allow reservations 90 days in advance and strongly encourage visitors to reserve their desired site as soon as possible, as sites are booked quickly once available.

Vehicle Pass (per one automobile or one automobile pulling a trailer) $5/night
Campsite Near Mountains (6 people – includes adults and children/2 vehicle max) $35/first night
Campsite Near Lake (6 people – includes adult and children/2 vehicle max) $45/first night
Group Campsite Near Mountains (15 people – includes adult and children/5 vehicle max)


Group Campsite Near Lake (15 people – includes adult and children/5 vehicle max)

$90/first night

$100/first night

Cancellation Fee (refunds will only be issued according to our Cancellation Policy) $25/campsite
Firewood (cash or credit card only; per US Forestry rules, no outside firewood is allowed) $5/bundle
CHECK-IN TIME: 12:00PM – 9:00PM
If you are not able to check in during these hours, you must call the Lake Office during business hours to inform staff of your estimated arrival time. If you do not call to notify staff of your anticipated late arrival, your reservation will be cancelled.CHECK-OUT TIME: 11:00AM
This check-out time allows us time to prepare for the next campers. Checking out at the Lake Office is not required. However, if you have not vacated the campsite by 11:00am, you will be charged another fee equal to the amount of your reservation and removed from the property.For more information on camping amenities and rules, visit the FAQ page. Or reserve your site now!


Includes access to fishing, hiking, swimming, electric motor-boating, picnicking, and more. Does not include camping. Day Use passes cannot be reserved online but purchased only at the Lake Office.

Vehicle Pass $5/day
Adults and Teenagers (13+) $10/person
Children 6-12 with adult supervision

Children 5 and under with adult supervision



We accept cash and credit cards only.