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Wellington Lake is located in the town of Bailey in Jefferson County, Colorado. We are approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Denver and 2 hours from Colorado Springs. For more information, visit our Maps & Directions page.
The Lake Office is open daily between 8:00AM and 9:00PM. Please see the Rates page for more information regarding camping check-in and check-out times.
Castle Mountain Recreation is the name of the private campground and recreation area which is owned by the Wellington Reservoir Company. Wellington Lake, which is also owned by the Wellington Reservoir Company, is the name of the 167-acre lake on site.

The Wellington Reservoir Company is based in Brighton, Colorado, where it is managed by the Farmers Reservoir & Irrigation Company.
Sprint and AT&T users may have cell phone reception. Verizon and T-Mobile users usually do not have reception.
There is untreated well water that is available via two hand pumps. We recommend all visitors bring their own water.
No, hunting is prohibited on Wellington Lake property.
We'd be thrilled to see your photos! Visitors can upload pictures by using our Media Upload form here. Please read the Terms of Use carefully before agreeing; by submitting your media, you grant us permission to use your pictures photos free-of-charge as we choose.


All reservations must be made through the Reservations system on this website. You may choose a site based on location (near lake or near mountains), your group size, camper size or tent, and pull-through access. A campground map shows each site's approximate location. After selecting the site you're interested in, you will be able to see the dates the site is available.

For information on reserving a large group site that accommodates more than 15 people, visit our Group Information page.
The person maximum allowed at each campsite includes both adults and children. For example, if a campsite says there is a 6 person max, this means that a total of 6 adults and children (3 adults and 3 children, 2 adults and 4 children, etc.) may camp on that site.
Online reservations cannot be booked more than 3 months in advance. Campers may contact heidi@farmersres.com to make a reservation beyond this 3-month timeframe; however, this advanced reservation will cost double the online rate each night.
Yes, as long as the sites are available. We recommend referring to the campground map found on the Reservations page and at the bottom of each campsite page to see which sites are close together. Our regular group campsites can allow up to 15 people; our regular small sites allow up to 6 people.

If you have a group of more than 15 people, please see our Group Information page.
Yes, we require all customers to create a new account or log in to an existing account during the checkout process in order to complete a reservation. By creating an account, you'll be able to view your past reservations and, if needed, request a cancellation.
Please review our Cancellation Policy. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 15 days before your reservation. Cancellations made 15 days or more before a reservation will be subject to a $25 Cancellation Fee per campsite.

If your reservation is more than 15 days away, you can cancel by logging into the My Account page. No cancellations are allowed if your reservation is less than 15 days away.
Our system does not allow for changing reservations. If you need to reserve different dates or a new site, you will need to book that reservation then request a cancellation for your previous reservation.

Please see our Cancellation Policy for information on canceling a reservation.
Yes. The filter shows what is available for the specific date you selected, but this information is NOT carried over to the individual site pages. The date must be selected again for the specific campsite you wish to reserve.
No. The website only allows you to filter for the date OR the other filters; it does not allow you to filter on both sections.
We recommend first finding a site that will fit your trailer or camper and then going into that specific site to see when it is available for booking. If you want a specific date, try filtering the available dates and looking at the description of each site to see if it will fit your camper. Each site has a description listed on the right side of the page that includes information related to the size of camper it will fit, if the site is near the lake or mountains, and other amenities the site is near.
At the end of the reservation checkout process, the website will prompt you to set up an account. The website does not allow for accounts to be set up before the reservation is made.
You can click the "Lost your password?" link on the My Account page to request a password reset. An email will be sent to the email address you previously used which will walk you through resetting your password.
On each campsite page is a calendar to show the availability for that specific site. The calendar will show both gray and green days. Make sure that all dates between your first night and your last night are green (available). Select the date of your check-in and enter the number of nights you plan to stay. The dates may change to gray after you enter the number of nights to show that they will no longer be available.
Gray dates are dates that are unavailable. However, if the dates showed as green before you entered the number of nights you wished to stay, then changed to gray, this means they will show as unavailable to future visitors and remain bookable for you (as long as you complete the reservation).
No. The website automatically generates your check-out date based on the number of nights you entered. Selecting the check-out date is not needed.
Your reservation may cost more because of the vehicles you added to your reservation. Please remember that vehicles are $5 each per night.
You may cancel your reservation by logging into your account and finding the site(s) you want to cancel then pressing Cancel. You may only cancel a reservation online if your cancellation date is 15 days or more prior to your arrival date. You will be charged a cancellation fee, as per our Cancellation Policy.
If you have multiple sites reserved and want to cancel one, you can log on to your account to cancel one or more sites from your reservation (as long as your date of cancellation is 15 days or more prior to your arrival date). If you want to change the dates of your reservation, please contact our office via email at info@castlemountainrec.com with a copy of your reservation information and the dates you wish to remove.


We have different types of groups at Wellington Lake.
  • For groups of 20+ people that can provide us a certificate of insurance for the official organization, please contact us through the form on the Group Information page.
  • For groups planning events such as a wedding or family reunion, we can assist you with reserving a block of sites in the regular campsite area beyond the 3-month reservation period. Please see our Group Information page for information regarding the applicable administration fee.
  • For groups of 19 people or less or groups that cannot provide a certificate of insurance, please reserve one or more of our regular group sites through the Reservations system.
We have two large group sites which are not pictured on the campsite map. One site is available for reservations during the summer and can hold 20-100 people. The other site is available for reservations only at certain times of the year and can hold 20-200 people. If you are interested in either of these sites, please contact us by using the form on the Group Information page.


For all events, including sporting events, special events, and more, please contact Heidi Garner by telephone at 303-659-7373 x304 or by email at heidi@farmersres.com.
Although Wellington Lake does not host or have a specific venue for weddings, family reunions, or other special events, we have had many visitors rent campsites or purchase Day Use passes for these types of events in the past. If you are interested in having your special event at Wellington Lake, please contact Heidi Garner by phone at 303-659-7373 x304 or by email at heidi@farmersres.com.


There are no hookups at Wellington Lake. No electricity, water, or dumping is provided.
We have untreated well water that campers can access via our hand-pumped wells. We recommend campers bring their own water.
The nearest fill station is next to the Riverbend Eatery in Bailey.
Wellington Lake does not have showers. We provide outhouses for visitors to use the restroom.
We do not sell ice. Visitors can purchase ice in the nearby towns of Bailey or Conifer.
Due to US Forestry regulations, no outside firewood is allowed onto Wellington Lake property. This prevents invasive species from destroying the forest. Visitors may purchase bundles of firewood during office hours at the Lake Office for $5/each. Each bundle includes 10 pieces of firewood. Gathering firewood on your own from the property is strictly prohibited.
Yes, you may use portable charcoal or gas grills or a gas camp stove within campsites and designated picnic areas.
Check-in time is 12:00pm-9:00pm. If you are not able to check in during these hours, you must call the Lake Office during business hours at 303-838-5496 to inform staff of your estimated arrival time. If you do not call to notify staff of your anticipated late arrival, your reservation will be cancelled.
You can find information about the size of trailers allowed on each campsite's page in the Reservations system. If you have a specific question about your trailer, you can also contact the Wellington Lake Office at 303-838-5496.
Yes! However, please note the following rules and regulations provided in our Full Release: 1) You must keep your pets on a leash or otherwise under your control at all times. Pets are not to be left barking or unattended. 2) You must clean up after your pet. 3) Pets are not allowed in beach swimming areas or restrooms.


No fishing license is required as Wellington Lake is private property.
No. All fishing is restricted to catch and release only. Any person who kills a fish or fails to promptly release a fish back to the lake will be charged a restocking fee of at least $50.
Artificial bait, lure, and fly only are allowed. No live bait, including worms, is allowed. Use of dough bait such as Power Bait or Salmon Eggs is prohibited. For more details, please visit our Fishing page.


Yes, life jackets are mandatory for all persons in or on the water.
Yes, swimming is allowed. However, please note that there are no lifeguards at Wellington Lake.
We allow hand-launched vessels only. If the boat is too large to launch by hand or creates a wake, it is not allowed at Wellington Lake. Not jet skis or other high-powered motor crafts are allowed.


Yes! However, please note the following rules and regulations provided in our Full Release: 1) You must keep your pets on a leash or otherwise under your control at all times. Pets are not to be left barking or unattended. 2) You must clean up after your pet. 3) Pets are not allowed in beach swimming areas or restrooms.
No horses are allowed at any time on Wellington Lake property.
Both bears and mountain lions are known to inhabit Wellington Lake property. To protect yourself and your family, please see the Wildlife Danger section on our Safety page. As part of our rules and regulations, food must be stored at all times in bear-proof containers or in vehicles with closed windows and locked doors. All "kitchen trash" must be disposed of in bear-proof dumpsters or removed from Wellington Lake property.


Day Use is for visitors who want to visit Wellington Lake but do not want to camp. Day Use is limited to Lake Office hours, which are daily between 8:00AM and 9:00PM.
Day Use fees are $5 per person and $5 per vehicle. Children under 12 are free with a paying adult. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, see our Rates page.
All Wellington Lake activities except for camping are open to Day Use visitors. These include but are not limited to: fishing, hiking, boating, biking, picnicking, swimming, and more.
Yes. Day Use spots at the lake are clearly marked with red signs or red tables. Please limit Day Use activities on or near the lake to these areas. See the bottom of our Maps & Directions page for our campground map, which shows the locations for Day Use.
Yes, you may use portable charcoal or gas grills or a gas camp stove within designated picnic areas.